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Project Description
Automated Sitecore PowerShell installation script.

This project is aimed to help Sitecore developers to create automated installations for SiteCore and its components, it automatically installs and configure SQL Server, MVC, Windows NetFX3, IIS, and service accounts requirements.

You can also use the same script to customize an existing installation, or install individual components to a server, for example installing SQL Server, you can call the script in full mode or using parameter calling.

This solution was inspired on the amazing AutoSPInstaller hosted here on Codeplex, and takes the same basic concept of storing a folder collection containing redistributables for an automated installation from an input XML file.


The script supports parameters to perform individual actions and deliver portions for easy maintenance or accommodate its usage for larger environments with distributed content databases for content delivery system, this doesn't include ADFS configuration but it is planned for its next release.

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