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Download the and unzip the file to your local root folder or a network folder, and configure your AutoSCInstall.xml and SQLServer\Config.ini to matche your own settings.

The file AutoSCInstall.xml contains the insructions used by the powershell installer and some entries are optional, see the full list of option on the AutoSCInstall.xml for more information.

You can copy all source files to your own folder (local or network) or have simply point to them when performing a distribute installation, the AutoSCInstall.xml supplied in this release shows a clear example of a distributed installation, for example: the SQL Server source files are located on G:\ drive which is mounted directly on the operational system and nothing is copied to the local C:\AutoSCInstall\SQLServer and the Config.ini used by the SQL Server is mapped to this folder (instructed by AutoSCInstall.xml)

Once the installer identified the need to install the Windows SXS files (required by SQL Server), the installer will look for them on F:\ drive (another ISO image directly mounted by the operational system) and the installer have their path mapped again to straight to their location.


The installer will use a customized zip file which is the basic Sitecore installation zip provided by Sitecore, the only customization made and required is to remove the root folder from its contents, usually this zip file is shipped like:

   \ Sitecore 7.2 rev.
     \ Sitecore 7.2 rev. XXXXXXX        (remove this folder and zip it back!)
       \  Data                          (place the License.xml file inside this folder)
       \  Databses
       \  Website

The final Sitecore source zip should contain only the folders Data, Databases, and Website, and of course, inside Data it will contain the license.xml ready for an easy deployment, it is up to you customize your zip file or modify the script, I'm using this way to make life easier for multiple deployments, right now all I have to do is to simply type the script AutoSCInstall.ps1 and hit enter, it is all about fire and forget!

I have customized the installer to unzip all files into the target website name and it will automatically unzip the license file altogether, if you want to deal with the original Sitecore zip without any modifications, simply modify the following part on AutoSCInstall.ps1:

this code is found starting on line 267:

	#--- unzip the downloaded distributive into the webroot

	Write-Host "`n- Unzipping file...`n" -ForegroundColor Yellow

	$shell_app = new-object -com shell.application
	$zip_file = $shell_app.namespace($sitecoreZipFile)
	$destination = $shell_app.namespace($webroot)
	$destination.Copyhere($zip_file.items(), 0x14)


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